Staycation: Tips on Having a Relaxing, Fun Vacation at Home

Have a week off from work? There’s no reason to skip town in order to relax. A “staycation” affords you all the time to do things in your hometown that you normally might not think of doing. Here are some tips for creating a fantastic staycation:

1. Spend a day walking around a local farmer’s market.

Modern grocery store trips, for most people, consist of getting in and out of the market as quickly as possible. With nowhere to be and no schedule to adhere to, your staycation allows some room for wandering. Take a leisurely stroll through your local farmer’s market, enjoying sights and smells of all that fresh produce and meat—farmer’s markets usually have so much more to offer than the weekly staples we mindlessly grab during our weekly trips to the grocery store.

2. Visit a local thrift shop.

Thrift and antique shops can offer a plethora of entertaining merchandise, but be prepared to take your time browsing the stores. Most thrift shops and antique stores aren’t as meticulously organized as the shops at the mall, but they always offer intriguing items that are fun to peruse.

3. Read.

When was the last time you had time to lounge about reading a good book? Take advantage of your down time by visiting your local library to find an old favorite or a new bestseller and get yourself to a park (or deck chair, sofa, or bed), and lose yourself for a few hours. Let that imagination run free!

4. Get out in nature.

You don’t have to travel to the great national parks to enjoy some time outside; there’s plenty of fun to be had outdoors, no matter where you live. Check out the local lake or river parks to go swimming or kayaking, plan a picnic, or go hiking or biking on a local trail.

5. Take a new fitness class.

Trying a fitness class on a Tuesday morning when you have to be at work an hour afterward can make for a dizzying morning. While you’re off from work, try that new yoga class you’ve been considering, and decide if it will fit into your daily routine, or meet with a personal trainer at the gym to set goals and make a workout plan that works with your busy schedule.

Bonus hint: No matter what you decide to do, make your staycation feel as scrapbook-worthy as your next trip to Europe or the Grand Canyon by taking a lot of pictures! You’ll be able to look back and appreciate the fun, relaxing, and inexpensive week you spent enjoying yourself at home. NHR

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