Alzheimer’s: Future Treatment Options

The Alzheimer’s Research Center expresses great optimism toward the current drugs being studied for the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s. One drug currently being studied targets beta-amyloid, the chief component of brain plaques, which are clumps in the brain that are recognized as one of the major features of Alzheimer’s disease. In addition, another drug being developed focuses on beta- secretase (BASE), a compound that makes it possible for beta-amyloid to form. Further, scientists are developing drugs to target tau protein, which is the chief component of tangled bundles of fibers within the Alzheimer’s brain, called tau tangles. Researchers are also looking at inflammation after recognizing that beta-amyloid plaques and tau tangles cause an inflammatory immune response that can damage brain cells. In addition, the neurotransmitter 5-HT2A receptor has gained the attention of researchers for its potential to cause overactive communication between neurons, resulting in dementia-related psychosis.
Source: Alzheimer’s Treatment Horizon. 2017. Alz- heimer’s Association. science/alzheimers_treatment_horizon.asp. Accessed

Dec 12 2017.

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