Know Your Medicinal Plants: Yarrow*

Common name: Yarrow, milfoil

Latin name: Achillea millefolium (Asteraceae)

Appearance: Creeping perennial; grows up to 3 feet tall; white flower heads; finely divided leaves

Habitat: Native to Europe and western Asia, but is found in temperate regions all over the world; grows wild in meadows and roadsides.

Practical uses:* anti-inflammatory, antiallergenic, arrests internal and external bleeding, dilates blood vessels/lowers blood pressure, regulates menstrual cycle, reduces heavy menstrual bleeding and period pain

Parts used: Flowers and leaves

Primary preparations: Infusion, tincture, essential oil

Potential home uses: Cleansing wounds, colds/flu, digestive issues, fever, varicose veins

*Consult with a qualified healthcare professional before attempting to self-treat ailments.

SOURCE: Chevallier A. Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine. New York, NY: DK Publishing;

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