EDITORS’ PICKS—Some of Our Favorite Nutrition Apps

Food tracking for beginners: ATE

 If you’re new to food tracking and the thought of meticulously typing in each component of your meals feels overwhelming, the“Ate”app might be a good choice for you. It’s a food tracker that allows you to track meals by taking photos of your food and designating whether the meal aligns with your current health goals. You can also record where you ate, why you ate, and with whom you ate. It seems like a great tool for building a basic level of mindfulness about what you’re eating.

For detailed food tracking: CRONOMETER

If you’d like to see a more advanced breakdown of what you eat, Cronometer is a good choice. Unlike other nutrition trackers, the free version of Cronometer allows you to see a detailed micronutrient breakdown of specific foods and your daily diet as a whole, including every vitamin and amino acid.

For eating out with allergies: ALLERGYEATS

If you or someone you know has a food allergy, you know how precarious eating out can be. With the “AllergyEats” app, you can view a list of restaurants in your area that have been rated according to their level of food allergy accommodations. You can even read reviews from other diners with the same food allergies and provide your own ratings and reviews.

For furthering food education: FOODUCATE

Have you ever stood paralyzed at a grocery store, caught between two choices of what appear to be the same item, unsure about which is the healthier choice? The “Fooducate” app provides a large library of graded food items evaluated on the basis of ingredients, nutrition, and processing. Along with the grade, you’ll find a detailed explanation for the grade and suggestions for similar items that received higher grades.

Curious about intermittent fasting? ZERO

Zero is a simple fasting tracker app that allows you to choose between five popular fasting structures or set a custom fast time for yourself. It tracks your fasting history as you continue to use the app and allows you to record how you feel after each period of fasting.

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