About the Vegetus Foundation

The Vegetus Foundation was founded by Frank Ray Rifkin, a former member of United States Army and serviceman in World War II, as a charitable endeavor dedicated to helping Americans improve their quality of life through education on healthy living. In 1979, shortly after the starting Foundation, Frank Ray published the first issue of Nutrition Health Review—the Consumer’s Medical Journal® (NHR)—to assist the Vegetus Foundation in achieving its mission. Since that time, over 130 issues of NHR have been published.


Julia Eckert
Managing Editor

Austin Vitelli
Associate Editor

Amanda Tolvaisa
Assistant Editor

Gannon Vitelli
Assistant Editor

Aliza Becker
Contributing Writer


Joe Scullin

E. Patrick Scullin

Emily Scullin

Giselle Geddes, MD
Chief Medical Officer 

Joseph Morris
Senior Vice President

Courtney McKinney
Associate Director of Business Development

Shannon Gillespie
Associate Director of Business Development

Kimberly Hooven
Project Manager

About Matrix Medical Communications

Matrix Medical Communications (MMC) is a full-service publishing and communications company that is committed to innovation and the flow of ideas among healthcare clinicians, researchers, and members of industry across all disciplines of medicine. Our innovative services are designed to enhance communication and understanding of the latest medical treatments and technologies by providing practical information, accessible across multiple formats, that can be used to improve patient care, expand research and development for new treatments, and facilitate B2B collaboration and communication. Our core areas of focus include neuroscience, bariatric and metabolic medicine, neonatology, oncology, infectious disease, and dermatology; however, we offer full service for clients involved any disease state, discipline of medicine, or area of research.

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