Sun Salutation

The “All-purpose” Yoga Sequence for the Whole Body

Sun salutation, or surya namaskar, is a sequence of yoga poses that is as versatile as it is foundational—it can be used to wake up the body and energize the mind at the start of each day; it can be used as a warm-up exercise or serve as the core workout itself; it can even be used as an exercise in mindfulness. Sun salutation typically consists of 8 to 12 poses that are performed in a particular order with specific breathing patterns. When practiced in order, these poses form a fluid range of motions that strengthen and align the body and improve balance. The phases comprising the total sequence can be individually modified according to the physical capabilities of the person practicing them, and the speed at which the entire sequence is practiced can be adjusted according to the desired level of difficulty/exertion. In short, sun salutation is the perfect all-purpose, full-body yoga sequence for beginners and long-time yoga practitioners alike.


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