How to do Vrikshasana (Tree Pose)

The Tree Pose, known as “Vrikshasana” in Sanskrit, is a popular yoga pose that helps improve balance, focus, and flexibility, while promoting a sense of calm and inner strength. Practice it regularly to improve your balance and overall well-being. Here’s how to do the Tree Pose step by step.


Figure 1

1. Start in Mountain Pose (Tadasana)—Stand with your feet hip-width apart, toes pointing forward. Distribute your weight evenly across both feet. Engage your core muscles and lengthen your spine, keeping your shoulders relaxed (Figure 1).

2. Choose a spot at which to gaze in front of you. This fixed point, called a drishti, will help you maintain balance and concentration throughout the pose.

3. Shift your weight: onto your right foot.

4. Bend your left knee and bring your left foot off the floor. Place the sole of your left foot against your inner right thigh. You can also place it lower on your right leg, but avoid placing it on the knee joint. The heel should be as close to the groin as comfortably possible.

5. If needed, use your hand to guide your left foot into position. Ensure that your hips are squared, and your pelvis is level. Your left knee should point outward.

6. Balance on your right foot. Keep your gaze fixed on your chosen drishti to help maintain your balance.

Figure 2

7. Inhale and bring your palms together in a prayer position in front of your heart (Anjali Mudra) (Figure 2)

8. Keep your spine long and your shoulders relaxed. Avoid hunching forward.

9. Engage your abdominal muscles to help stabilize your posture.

Figure 3

10. You have the option to stay in this position or raise your arms overhead with your palms facing each other. This extended arm position is a more advanced variation (Figure 3).

11. Hold the Tree Pose for 20 to 30 seconds or longer if you can maintain your balance. Focus on your breath to help maintain concentration and stability.

12.  To release, lower your arms (if raised), bring your hands back to your heart center, and gently lower your left foot to the ground.

13. Repeat the Tree Pose on the other side by shifting your weight to your left foot and placing your right foot against your inner left thigh.

  • If you’re new to yoga or balance poses, you can use a wall or a sturdy object to lightly touch for support until you build more stability.
  • Don’t force your foot into your inner thigh if it’s not comfortable. Placing it lower on your leg is perfectly fine.
  • Remember to breathe deeply and evenly throughout the pose to help maintain your focus and balance.   

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