5 Drinking Water Apps that Can Help You Stay Hydrated


A user-friendly water drinking app that lets you track your water intake by day, week, or year. Take pictures of the glasses you drink and quickly log your water into the app’s graph. Reminders help you meet your goals and allow you to develop a positive water drinking mentality.

Daily Water Free

Tracks your water intake with more of a medical focus. Keeps you in tune with your water intake by aligning it with its purpose of transporting nutrients into cells, regulating body temperature, aiding metabolism, and more. Set your water goal at the beginning of the day, touch to log each drink, and plan a drinking schedule.


A water drinking fountain locator. Use it to find tap water near you or to put a drinking fountain you’ve found onto a map.

Nudge Health Tracking

Tracks your water intake and aligns your goals to your own lifestyle. This app picks out any health habits that could be improved, such as water intake, and can connect you with a health coach through the app.


Tracks your water intake and motivates you to keep it up. Reminders and nice messages help keep you on track. Customizable and can be used across all your Apple devices.

Source: DailyHive. water-drinking-apps

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