Avoiding Irritation From Face Masks

Wearing a face mask while in public places seems to be the new normal, for now. Though they’re essential for curbing the spread of COVID-19, masks can cause irritation—even acne breakout— depending on the wearer’s skin type. Here are some tips on how to avoid skin irritation and acne when wearing or making a face mask.

USE THE CORRECT FABRIC. Though any material can be used for the outer layer of a mask, be sure to select a softer fabric, like cotton or silk, for the inner layer of the mask that touches your face.

PREP THE SKIN. Before wearing your mask, apply a moisturizer to prevent dryness and irritation. Avoid wearing makeup, if possible. To keep your pores from clogging, use skincare products that are noncomedogenic.

WASH AND ALTERNATE. Sweat and microbes located on your skin can collect on the mask, even if you’re just wearing it for a short period of time. After wearing your mask, hand-wash it with hot water, using fragrance-free soaps. If you have more than one mask, switch masks between uses.

SOURCE: Dusang, K . Avoid face irritation, acne while wearing masks. 30 Apr 2020. Bayer College of Medicine site. https:// www.bcm.edu/news/skin-and-hair/avoid-face-irritation-acne-while-wearing-mask.Accessed24May2020. NHR

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