New Research Shows Healthy Lifestyle Can Help Prevent Depression

Researchers have discovered a connection between seven healthy lifestyle factors and decreased risk of depression, according to a study form Nature Mental Health. Sleeping between 7 to 9 hours per night was the most impactful lifestyle factor, reducing the risk of depression by 22 percent. Never smoking reduced depression risk by 20 percent. Frequent social interactions reduced the general risk of depression by 18 percent and was also observed to be most protective against recurrent depressive disorder. Other positive lifestyle factors included regular physical activity, low-to-moderate sedentary behavior, moderate alcohol consumption, and healthy diet. Comparing outcomes based on how many healthy lifestyle factors they practiced, researchers found that those in the unfavorable lifestyle group were 57 percent more likely to experience depression, compared to the healthy lifestyle group. Furthermore, levels of C-reactive protein, a biomarker related to stress, and the volume of various brain regions were linked to lifestyle.

Source: ScienceDaily. Healthy lifestyle can help prevent depression — and new research may explain why. 11 Sep 2023. Accessed 15 Sep 2023. 

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