Homemade yogurt

Makes 4 cups

  • 4 cups milk (whole, 2%, 1%, or skim)
  • ½ cup yogurt (or package of powdered yogurt starter)
  1. Place milk over medium heat and heat until it reaches 180 degrees F, stirring periodically
  2. Let the milk cool to 115 degrees F
  3. Once milk is cooled, stir in yogurt/yogurt starter until fully incorporated
  4. Pour into a glass container, bowl, Dutch oven, etc. and cover with a lid or towel
  5. Place into oven with oven light on (do NOT turn on the oven itself) and let rest for 8 to 12 hours; the longer it rests, the tangier and thicker the yogurt will be.*
  6. Refrigerate for up to 2 weeks.

*After this step, you will notice liquid whey pooled at the top of the yogurt. For Greek yogurt, strain the yogurt with a cheesecloth or colander to get rid of this liquid.

Calories: 146; Total Fat: 7.9g; Saturated Fat: 4.6g; Cholesterol: 24mg; Sodium: 98mg; Total Carbohydrate: 11g; Dietary Fiber: 0g; Total Sugars: 12.8g ; Protein: 7.9g; Vitamin D: 98mcg; Calcium: 276mg; Iron: 0mg; Potassium: 349mg

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