What is Oxidative Stress?

Oxidative metabolism isa chemical process in the body in which oxygen is used to make energy from carbohydrates (sugars). This process generates unstable molecular byproducts called reactive oxygen species (ROS),of which free radicals are part. Unstable as they are, free radicals are actually involved in many complex signaling functions that are essential to the human […]

Know Your Medicinal Plants: Yarrow*

Common name: Yarrow, milfoil Latin name: Achillea millefolium (Asteraceae) Appearance: Creeping perennial; grows up to 3 feet tall; white flower heads; finely divided leaves Habitat: Native to Europe and western Asia, but is found in temperate regions all over the world; grows wild in meadows and roadsides. Practical uses:* anti-inflammatory, antiallergenic, arrests internal and external […]

Sun Salutation

The “All-purpose” Yoga Sequence for the Whole Body Sun salutation, or surya namaskar, is a sequence of yoga poses that is as versatile as it is foundational—it can be used to wake up the body and energize the mind at the start of each day; it can be used as a warm-up exercise or serve […]

The “No More Excuses” Desk Workout

The CDC recommends getting 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per week, with at least 2 days of strengthening exercises.1 However, it can be tough to find the free time. Here are a few simple exercises you can do sitting or standing at your desk each day to help you achieve your weekly physical activity goals. […]

Protecting Yourself Against Giardia Infection

Giardia infection, also referred as giardiasis, is an intestinal infection caused by a microscopic parasite called Giardia lamblia. Giardia parasites are mainly found in the feces of an infected animal or human, but can often be detected in contaminated food, water, and soil, as well as on surfaces that has been exposed to the parasite.1 […]

Should You Shop Organic?

What is “organic” food? The term organic in the context of food refers to specific farming methods and agricultural processing standards used by farmers in the United States to grow, produce, and/or process fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy, and meat. Organic agriculture techniques seek to improve soil and water quality, minimize pollution, construct safe and healthy […]

4 Ways to Preserve Food at Home

As the summer winds down, you may find yourself seeing less and less of some of seasonal produce—melons, berries, citrus, and some herbs. Luckily, just because you’re parting with long summer days doesn’t mean you have to do the same with your favorite seasonal fruits and vegetables. There are several methods of preserving foods, including […]

Breast Milk or Bottled Formula? The Pros and Cons of Each

Over the last century in the United States, the decision on whether to breastfeed or bottle-feed our infant children has become complicated and controversial.1 Delving into why this controversy exists and what makes it so complicated, as well as examining both sides of the argument, go beyond the scope of this article (though the history […]

Sports Drinks

Sports drinks are popular among athletes and non-athletes alike, touted for their hydrating and energizing properties. Are they more beneficial than plain water? How they work Sports drinks provide carbohydrates; electrolytes, which are lost through sweating (e.g., sodium, chloride, and potassium); and sometimes other nutrients, such as riboflavin, niacin, vitamins B6 and B12, phosphorus, and […]

Superfood Spotlight: Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a sweet, starchy root vegetable harvested across the globe. Don’t be fooled by their subterranean growth—they come in a variety of sizes and colors, including orange, white, and purple.1 The colorful variations of sweet potatoes are only topped by their many health benefits.2,3 RICH IN VITAMINS AND MINERALS Sweet potatoes are high […]

Know Your Nutrient: Beta-carotene

Responsible for the red and orange pigments of fruits, vegetables, and some legumes, beta-carotene is the precursor to vitamin A (or retinol).1,2 When we consume foods that contain beta-carotene, our intestines convert this nutrient into vitamin A, which plays an important role in maintaining eye, skin, immune system, and bone health.1-3 According to researchers, the […]

Medicinal Herbs—Healing Herbs Right in Your Spice Cabinet

Herbal remedies are an enduring foundation of medicine. They continue to be used all over the world and are influenced by different cultures and regions, especially in parts of the world where prescription pharmaceutical medicines are unavailable or inaccessible. Recently, these old-time remedies have resurged in popularity in developed countries. This trend could be due […]